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28 January 2010

Editor's review

If you have ever used the earlier models of Nintendo gaming consoles or other similar ones, then you must be aware of the immense popularity enjoyed by the game Tetris. It is basically a puzzle game which involves arranging the pieces appearing in front of you in a proper order, which, needless to say, is not as simple as it may sound to a newbie. In order to exploit the popularity and fun factor of the game, a number of modern versions have been developed with minor to large modifications in the rules of the game and its interface. Color Cubes is a remake of the old Tetris game which offers enhanced entertainment to the fans of classic Tetris.

Color Cubes v.3.2 is a freeware package containing the old Tetris game in three new forms. All the modifications in the game have been intelligently designed in order to let the player enjoy the interesting add-ons that it offers. All the games have been equipped with a nice interface, showing a beautiful scenic background and the cubes in the rectangular puzzle grid have been attractively designed with a 3D layout. Among its set of three games, the first one is the same old Tetris based on the conventional gameplay rules but the user will certainly like the all new interface it has got to offer. The other two are color blocks and rotated color blocks where the player gets columns of color blocks and he has to arrange the similar blocks in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal manner in order to make them vanish off from the board. With a minimal requirement of 233Mhz processor and 32 MB RAM, the game is compatible with even the cheapest (or most outdated) computers and laptops.

Color Cubes v.3.2 is overall, the ‘hard to resist’ game for the fans of Tetris game, and hence it scores a rating of three and a half on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Color Cubes is a set of Tetris-like puzzle game available for download that can be played on the computer. The set includes 3 games with 3-D graphics for hours of addictive game play. The three different games, including Classic which is a classic style Tetris game with different shapes that must be arranged to form a line across the game area. The other two games, Color Blocks and Rotated Color Blocks, are columns of colored blocks that must be matched horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to make them disappear. Besides the challenge of playing the games and trying to keep the play area from filling up with blocks for as long as possible, each game includes bonuses that add fun twists to game play. Color Cubes is a free download that works with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, and 98. Because of the small file size - just 3.3 Mb - the game will download quickly so you can be playing your favorite version of Color Cubes in no time at all. The low minimum requirements for the game, including 233 Mhz processor and 32 MB of RAM, means Tetris fans can play the game on almost any desktop or laptop at home, work, or school. As someone plays, each game keeps track of their score and time so they can easily compete against their own best records or even against their friends' high scores. Game players can find Color Cubes available at My Real Games ( ) where they can always download free games.
Color Cubes
Color Cubes
Version 3.2
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Vienne Grainger
The game is well done, with several environmental choices available from the clear, if complicated, start-up menu. The game itself holds no surprises.
The exit menu takes you, EVERY DANGED TIME, to the homepage of the company that produced it. Just in case, you know, you want to buy something. This annoying little sales prompt spoils what otherwise be a relatively nice gaming experience. Docked two stars for sellers` greed.
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